Baby carrier fans here!

I’ve always been a baby carrier fan.  Though I loved strollers and their ease, there really weren’t strollers that fit three kids- all different ages- well.  I wasn’t a carrier snob either- I’ve used them all and liked them all. As long as I could have my coffee in one hand and parent with the other- I was happy.  I never imagined how incredibly important a simple carrier would become.


I was pregnant with my third child- my other two were three and not even two. I was excited and loving having this new life in me. My daughter and son were so excited to meet their baby brother, and life was quite literally everything I thought it would be.


One day I was just being Mom and making dinner for the kids when I got a phone call from my family back in New York.  My Mom had been admitted to the hospital for a severe headache- they did an ultrasound and found a mass in her brain. Surgery was going to be the next day and we didn’t know at all what was ahead.  Almost as instantly as I got the call, I packed up the kids and we flew overnight to my Mom. At the time I didn’t need a carrier, nor could I use one because of my growing belly.  After surgery we got the news nobody wanted- it was cancer and it was the horrible no good kind- she was given just months to live.


Being pregnant I knew I would eventually have to fly home and stay there. My only hope at all the time was that Mom would make it long enough to meet baby.  As luck would have it, there was a trial drug that she qualified for and it completely got rid of her tumor something that had never ben done before. She was a medical miracle!!


Once she was given the all clear, I flew home and planned the birth of our third baby. My Mom was even able to to come and be there for his birth.  Everything seemed to be going fine until we got bad news again- there was a new growth.


This time I had a newborn, a two year old, and a four year old. There was no way I could fly or travel with all of them without a carrier. I was weak, and tired and sore from labor and we had to get home so Mom could get her treatment.


I spent the following six months taking care of my three kids- and my mother.  I didn’t expect it but she needed the kids and I and we weren’t about to leave her.  I was in charge of all insurance phone calls, all appointment scheduling, all the physical aspects of helping Mom when the meds made her sick and so much more.


Without my carrier- there is not way I could have taken care of children and Mom.  No way.  I know that sounds extreme but it’s absolutely true. That carrier held baby while Mom had radiation, chemo, and while I changed the diapers of my two oldest kids.  I cooked meals, picked up medicine, and cried while carrying baby. I paced the hospital floors, punched walls, doubted my abilities, cleaned houses, traveled all over the country chasing trials, and even gardened while carrying baby.  There is no way anything else could have given me that strength or freedom, and no way I could have have properly cared for Mom without baby right there.  I found it fitting that my baby and Mom ended up being twins.


My Mom is still fighting, and baby is now crawling and about to walk. I won’t need the carrier forever, but for now I’m thanking my lucky stars that it’s available and here. It truly is my nanny in fabric lol.  So get a carrier and get  use to it- you never know how very needed it might be someday!!!

Baby blues depression answers

All funny hippy/baby jokes aside, I wanted to take the time to share my personal story of how baby wearing impacted me in a way I hadn’t expected. I also wanted to use this story to bring to light the often taboo subject of the baby blues. This is my story about how a simple piece of fabric forced me to be a Mom in the midst of my depression.
It was the summer of 2007 and I was still a new bride. My husband and I had only been married a little over a year. At the time my husband was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne Division of the Army. Our due date was a month after our one year anniversary, and three weeks before he was set to deploy to Iraq. I don’t remember really ever feeling scared about raising this little person on my own, nor do I remember dwelling over it much though I’m sure I did. I do remember though, worrying mostly about getting depressed since that was something I was prone to do.
Flash forward to the day I gave birth, I was in the hospital pushing- artillery was going off so close and so loud that our hospital room was shaking. It was also thunder storming and raining. Not at all how I imagined it would be to give birth. While I was pushing I kept thinking, “I’m not ready for this” over and over. I wasn’t ready to be Mom, I wasn’t ready for my husband to deploy.
I was so relieved when he was out, but so terrified. He was strong, healthy, and Dad was proud. Me, I was exhausted and nervous. When they handed him over to me I realized I had never actually held a newborn. OOPS.. We finally got released to go home and again- nothing was as it seemed.
Our first few nights and days in our new home we were ok – the baby would sleep and my husband did everything except feed him. But this sadness and anger in me kept festering so I called my Mom. She encouraged me to keep at it, and give it time. The only problem was we didn’t have enough time since my husband was deploying for war in a few short days. I decided I needed to move home.
Deployment day came and it’s a day I’ll never forget. My husband fed our son from a bottle with his rifle around his chest. It was over 100 degrees outside and the humidity was thick. I wanted to run away with my husband and son and leave the country. Life kept getting darker and bleaker and my depression was now in full swing. The white buses took him away that day, and I walked back to our truck alone and scared. Reality waists no time making itself known because I became very aware that never, until now, had I actually buckled our son in the car seat. Nor had I practiced. It took me 45 minutes to figure it out, all the while I was wiping away the tears and looking around hoping someone would take pity and help. There was not one soul anywhere near me. Eerily quiet. The drive home was just as quiet, and walking into the house even more quiet and lonely.
I took a deep breath and in my anger and hurt I started packing the house. I didn’t even care how I packed things or if it was organized. I just threw everything into a box, taped it up and called it good. During this my son decided he wanted to cry over and over and over- non stop. I began to hate him because I couldn’t pack the house and I couldn’t get out of that God forsaken town. I wanted my Mom, and I wanted to go home. Finally I just joined my son in the crying. It didn’t help any, but at least we had that in common.

This was when one of my hippy friends came by to check in on me and baby. With her she brought a baby wearing sling and told me how to use it, and helped me get that crying alien in it. Miraculously he stopped crying- and so did I. It was almost magical. All of the sudden I had th time and hands to pack, but I also had that closeness my son needed. If I was going to clear military housing in town I had to wear this child of mine- even if I didn’t want to.
As I packed, painted, and cleaned my house I was forced to get to know the smell of my sons head- because he was right there. I was forced to know what he squirms and whimpers meant because he was always right there. It got to the point where I could tell where in his body his gas was, and I could pat it out with one little pat. In two weeks I went from hating that little baby, to absolutely adoring him and needing him almost as much as he needed me.
After many trip to my storage unit, and many kisses on my sons head- that house got packed and we headed home to grandmas. We spent 400 long days without Dad- and often times wondered if he was even still alive. We pushed through all that fear and anger and thanks to a simple baby sling- we bonded and survived. That year was the year I grew up- and saw what I truly made of. Nothing since that year has ever been as hard. Ever. And often times, the answer to healing and growing is often not what we think. I never would have expected such change from a baby sling.
If you’re experiencing the dreaded baby blues- force yourself to wear that baby with everywhere you possibly can. See if that helps. If not, seek treatment. If so- tell us your story!

Earthslings unhinged!

Earthslings are a top notch, high end baby carrier for Moms or Dads. AS we covered before wearing your baby can help cognitively, emotionally, and physical. But let’s be honest- most of us get a bit turned off by earthslings or any baby carrier because some of us don’t fit the mold of most baby wearers. Some people looking online for a good carrier will likely see women wearing dread locks, no bras, hippy skirts, and Birkenstocks. And let’s be honest- we don’t all fit into that stereotype or category right? So if you feel like earthslings are for you- we’re here to say yes and here is why.

1. You’re not required to burn your bras. I know, most of our pictures have very “free” women. Skipping the bra DOES make breastfeeding easier, but if you prefer the bondage and slavery of a bra, you do you. We’re not judging and you can still wear our earthslings.
2. You can wear earthslings while you eat that non organic, GMO filled food. It’s ok, if you want to poison your body while wearing our earhslings, your baby won’t even notice! That’s another great thing about our baby carriers- your baby will be so comfortable that they won’t even notice you’re eating habits.
3. Earthslings fit around all attire. You don’t need to wear skirts made of hemp and tie-dyed. You don’t need to completely let go of all style and class. You can wear your earthsling around that corporate work suite, or you super trendy Mom jeans. Earthslings fit every one of every size, over every type of clothing.
4. While we do have organic material- you can choose between hemp, silk, cotton, and wool. The wool is itchy, but the less you shower and bathe the less itchy it feels.
5. You can still be a republican. Though we did consider not allowing republicans to wear our earthslings, because we feared it would ruin our image- we realized that everyone should be free to wear earthslings no matter political party. We truly believe in equality for all men and women- even those that aren’t free from the entrapping of the women rights crushing political parties. And we’re always here for you if you need to talk.
6. You don’t even have to have a sense of humor!! We truly are kidding and being funny in all of these- but we truly have been asked about this stuff. Just know that there are a lot of wonderful baby carriers out there that would fit your style if ours is a bit too earthy for you- we really do want Mom and Baby to be happy and healthy!
Now that we have gone over some of the myths about baby wearing and earthslings, let’s talk about the types of sling we have and how you can wear them!
Carrier Type
We have slings for newborns, twins, hip carry, back carry, front carry, and cradle carrying. The great thing about our slings is MOST of them can hold the baby in either type of carry- you don’t need to get a specific one. We do have that option to get a specific type of carrier and that’s really for those Moms that know how they want to carry baby, do it often, and need th extra support.

Our material for slings are 100 percent organic- that includes the silk we use, cotton, wool, and and hemp.
The patterns on our slings range from sun dials, tie-dye, sold colors, and a random mix of designs and patterns. The possibilities are quite endless and we take custom orders as well!
Coaching and help
We know that being new to wearing baby can be a bit hard to figure out, that’s why we have a lot of communities around the country to support you in this new adventure! There’s a bit of learning curve in learning how to wrap the sling and even getting baby in it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or watch one of our tutorials on youtube or the website.
Thanks for visiting and come back!

I love newborn babies!

I absolutely love the smell of a newborns head.

There’s something so pure and innocent and wonderful about a newborn. The sounds they make, even when they wake up in the middle of the night hungry. It’s hard to really be too mad. There’s been a new trend lately in modern countries- and it’s baby wearing. While most women in the underprivileged countries have been baby wearing for centuries- it’s a relatively newer concept here in the United States.
I’ll never forget being in Africa on a mission trip- we were actually on our way to Nepal- and we were visiting with some moms. The Moms were pretty fun and just as interested in our mothering techniques as we were with theirs. Finally this one Mom spoke up and asked in all seriousness, “is it true that at night you put your baby in a cage and leave it in there all alone?”
At first I said no, we would never put our children in a cage, but then I realized she was talking about our cribs!!! Huh, perspective is an interesting thing, yes? It was completely barbaric to them that we would keep our babies so far away. These women carried their children everywhere with them.
That conversation really got me interested in baby carries, slings and wraps. So I did some research and realized there are a lot of options, and more and more Moms in America are carrying their babies. There are even entire gathering just for people who “wear” their babies so they can talk about the benefit of baby wearing and just be together. So what exactly are the benefits of baby-wearing and why is it all the rage?

1. Emotional Comfort
Babies, newborns especially, are accustomed to a warm, close environment. They are use to hearing their mothers voice and heartbeat, and being in a tight snuggled position. This is often why the nurses swaddle babies after they are born. When you use a baby sling to hold your baby close- it’s often very comforting for them as they can hear the mothers heartbeat, smell her, and hear her voice. Plus, it’s comforting for the Mom with all her hormones going wild after childbirth. It’s a win win!

2. Cognitive Development
The older babies that eventually behind to hold their head up and look around really enjoying being worn by a carrier or sling. They are can look around, see what Mom is doing, move their head to follow something of interest, and at some point start grabbing for things. Doing all of this super close to Mom offers a safe, secure feeling for both Mom and baby. Baby gets to be right where the action is and Mom gets to insure that baby is safe but mentally and physically stimulated.
To add to that- babies that are up right where the adults are, will be talked to more and looked in the eye more- and this is so important for proper growth and development! So start wearing that baby!!
3. It’s just easier. Wearing Earthslings really makes a lot more sense when your baby is cranky. Babies need constant comfort at times, but Mom needs to get things done. If you wear baby you can still tend to the other kids, do chores, cook, go on a walk, and even just relax a bit.
4. I think one of the things I like most about earthslings is how easy they make breastfeeding. I’m not too concerned about being discrete, but some people do prefer that covering up.
5. It helps with bonding. One thing I never really expected to notice from wearing baby was the bonding it encouraged. While I don’t have trouble bonding with my babies, this still made my love and overall closeness to baby stronger. There were times I wasn’t wearing baby- and baby was doing fine- but I just wanted to be close to him. I really never expected to miss him! I liked that part of baby wearing the most!
6. Dads- you can wear baby too!!! That’s another great thing, is the men can get in on all the baby bonding and closeness, and who doesn’t love seeing their man all snuggled with that cuteness?

So if you haven’t considered wearing your baby, now is the time! Earthslings are a great, versatile way to wear your sweet little one and comfortable too! SO what are you waiting for??!



Billie B